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Water Treatment/Purification

1. Natural Zeolite   Click for details.

Natural Zeolite Special
N.F.K. Natural Zeolite
(Japan Origin)
Natural Zeolite NO.A-1
N.F.K. Natural Zeolite
(Japan Origin)
  • Control the water quality while the fish/shrimp are in an emergency.
  • Contains several kinds of minerals and suitable as feed additives.
  • Posses an excellent Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) 160-185meg/100g.
  • Adjust the pH rate and stablize the water quality.
  • High efficiency for absorbing NH3, H2S and CO2.
  • Purify the water quality, and absorb the stink rapidly.

2. Photo Synthetic Bacteria (P.S.B.)

P.S.B. (Irregular granule type)
(Irregular granule type)
  • Contain special active bacteria which can decompose the organic materials, NO2 and harmful materials of pond.
  • Contain large amount of carotene, can enhance the body color of fishes and shrimps.
  • High economic efficiency to reduce the usage of other antibiotics and chemical products.

3. Debalin(Sodium Chlorite)   Click for details.

  • Debalin is very effective against all kinds of microorganisms, bacteria, spore formers and algae by disrupting transport of nutrients across the cell wall. It is effective against Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli, just to name a few. The low dosage of chlorine dioxide can achieve a satisfactory result .It does not take a large amount of product to get a 99.999% kill.

4. Bio-Enzamin

  • Improve the water quality and increase productivity.
  • Absorb NH3, H2S, NO2 so that disease are effectively minimized.
  • Contain many kinds of bacteria: Aspergillus spp, Bacillus supp, Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Pseudomonas, Achromobacter.

5. Pro-Niceclean

  • Decompose the organic materials and absorb NH3, H2S, NO2, CH4.
  • Promote algae growing normally and create an balance environment.
  • Mix with feedstuff or spray directly into the water for enhancing the growth rate of fish and shrimps.

6. BS Bacteria

BS Bacteria
  • Decompose organic substances of dirt at the bottom of pond.
  • Decrease the rate of H2S, ammonia, nitrite, COD and BOD in water.
  • Strengthen resistance of aquaculture animals and restrain diseases.
  • Consist of Bacillus, Sacchromyces and Lactobacillus mainly taht are good for abdoment and intenstine.
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