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Sodium Chlorite

Sterilization   •   Disinfections   •   Deodorization
Algae Elimination   •   Mold Prevention

Main compositions:

    Sodium Chlorite

Characteristics of Debalin

  • It has strong oxidation and it can against or restrain bacteria in a short period of time.
  • Small amount to be used and it has strong inhibition for virus and bacteria in water.
  • The effect of disinfections is not influenced by pH value.
  • No second pollution and no remains of medicine.
  • Not affected by pH value. It reacts not only with some inorganic poisons such as S2-, Fe2+, Mn2+, CN- ; but also organic poisons such as phenol, chlorophenol and mercaptan. The above chemicals can be eliminated by Debalin.
  • It can eliminate odor, iron and manganese well.
  • The appropriate concentration is nontoxic to people and animals. It is unnecessary to do the segregation when using it. It fits all places that need to be disinfected.

Application of Debalin

  • Containers/facilities:
    Beer factories, food factories, beverage factories: bottles and cans, utensils / piping facilities, dairy facilities

  • Poultry/domestic animals:
    Water treatment, waste, environmental disinfections and odor control

  • Water treatment:
    Algae Elimination, bacteria restraint, sewage water/cooling water/waste water/drinking water

  • Environmental disinfections:
    Waste, hospitals, schools, hotels, food processing factories and public places

  • Agriculture and gardening:
    Irrigation system, plant disease prevention, green house orchids /sanitary of nursery development

  • Aquatic products breeding:
    Fish transportation, disinfections for outdoor breeding pond and indoor young fish breeding pond

C. Effect of Debalin

  • Aquaculture/cultivating
    1. Inactivate microorganism in the water.
    2. Decompose odor and sulfides.
    3. 3Eliminate weed growth and compose organic and inorganic chemical substance in the water.
    4. Manage the diseases of fishes, shrimps and shells. Rapid effect without the remains of medicine.
    5. Decompose metal substances and inorganic ion, such as iron, manganese, nitrite and cyanide.
    6. Release oxygen to avoid "floating head" and "pressing" that happened under the situation of low oxygen content.
    7. Prevent hard clams and freshwater clams from diseases, such as "closing shell" and "smelly head".
    8. Help shrimps do ecdysis.

  • Environmental disinfection
    (schools, institutes, hospitals, factories and households)
    1. Disinfect circular water and control must.
    2. Eliminate the residues of insecticides.
    3. Clean and prevent must from tableware, tea set, chopping block and floor.
    4. Ease the odor of toilet and bathroom accessories.
    5. Disinfect and relieve the smell of cold and freezing equipment, such as refrigerator.

  • Agriculture/ gardening
    (orchid planting, irrigation water, soil, crop diseases, greenhouse, sphagnum moss)
    1. Disinfect irrigation water and soil.
    2. Prevent and control crop diseases.
    3. Clean the farm machinery and accessories.
    4. Decompose the residues of insecticides.
    5. Sterilize indoor environment of greenhouse.

  • Water treatment
    (cooling tower, waste water, swimming pools, yards)
    1. Disinfect potable water and the processing water.
    2. Prevent and eliminate slim and biofilm on the piping system.
    3. Decolor and deodor the waste water.

  • Livestock/poultry breeding
    (troughs, railings, equipment, implements, potable water)
    1. Disinfect and prevent must growing from breeding environment and freezer.
    2. Deodor and clean production equipment, including implements, containers, troughs and railings.
    3. Sterilize the body of livestock and poultry.
    4. Clean hatchery, hatching equipment and eggs.
    5. Disinfect the potable water for livestock and poultry.
    6. Sterilize medical instruments and the space.
    7. Clean and deodor pet hospitals.

D. Usage of Debalin   (Reference: Taiwan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.)

  1. Using with an activator
    • Debalin (Liquid) needs to work with an activator
    • Sodium Chlorite + an activator = Debalin
    • The concentration of Debalin is different because of various activators and reaction time.
  2. Ban on using in food.

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