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Livestock / Poultry Farming Product Recommended

1. Natural Zeolite   Click for details.

Natural Zeolite
Natural Zeolite
(Japan Origin)
  • Posses an excellent Cation Exchange Capacity (C. E. C.) 160~185 meg/100g.
  • Reduce the smell by spreading Natural Zeolite around the animal house.
  • Keep intestinal health and enhance the ability of nutrition absorption for livestock/poultry.
  • Prevent the difficulty of digesting through absorbing NH3, H2S, CO2 and harmful substances.

2. Diatomaceous Earth   Click for details.

22.68 kg
50 lbs
22.68 kg
50 lbs
  • Enhance animals' immunity and reduce parasites.
  • Supply minerals and vitamins.
  • Improve animals' appetite and digestion.
  • Increase the quantity and quality during lactation to lower feed cost.
  • Enable to make animals' excrements drier and reduce problems of smell and flies.
  • Contains no antibiotics and no medicine resistance.
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