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Products for Disease Prevention

1.Tea Seed Powder   Click for details.

Tea Seed Powder & Tea Saponin Tea Seed Bag
  • Eliminate the unwanted or wild fishes in the shrimp ponds.
  • Help shrimps take off shell earlier and enhance the growth of shrimps.
  • Automatically decompose into organic fertilizer which can promote the growth of algae.

2.Sodium Humate, Humic Acid   Click for details.

Sodium Humate Humic Acid
  • Humic acid is in the form of complex molecules. It is created by the break down process of organic matters in the soil.
  • Humic acid is able to combat the harmful pollution caused by feed left, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, etc.
  • Humic acid regulates the pH value of water for a healthy environment.
  • Humates are sodium and potassium salts of humic acids.
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