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1. Natural Zeolite   Click for details.

Natural Zeolite NO.Special
Natural Zeolite
Natural Zeolite NO.SP2300
Natural Zeolite
  • Japan Origin.
  • Help root growing with stronger leaves and branches without damages occured because of coldness.
  • Absorb the harmful gas in the soil and prevent the root system being infected.
  • Neutralize soil pH and deodorize after fertilization.

2. Natural Soluble Carbonic Acid Calcium 95%   Click for details.

Calcium Carbonate- Calcoat
  • Japan Origin
  • Soluble granule, 95% purity
  • Decrease fertilizer-caused harm
  • Can be used with organic and non-organic fungicide and insecticide

3. Natural Calcium Sulphate- Tencal (Granule /Powder)

Calcium Sulphate- Tencal(Powder Type)
  • Japan Origin
  • Contain 95% calcium sulphate
  • Help crops absorb calcium and ion from the soil
  • Increase the ability to resist cold and combat diseases
  • A soluble natural and eco-friendly soil modifier
  • Especially suitable for paddy rice, vegetables and fruit trees

4. Phosphorous Acid (use with Potassium Hydroxide)   Click for details.

Phosphorous Acid
Potassium Hydroxide
  • Non-pesticide Compound for crops management
  • As a phosphorous/potassium fertilizer for crops
  • Transfer as an useful phosphoric acid after absorbing by crops
  • Crops will not have insecticides residues with no environmental pollution
  • Naturally lead crops resist to diseases to reduce using insecticides and the cost while producing

5. Oxygen Release Compound   Click for details.

Oxygen Release Compound
  • Supply oxygen constantly and continuously and help the root zone breathe well.
  • Provide calcium which is necessary for plants' growing
  • Adjust pH value and prevent ammonium and nitrogen
  • Stop anaerobes to proliferate

6. Debalin(Sodium Chlorite)   Click for details.

  • Debalin is very effective against all kinds of microorganisms, bacteria, spore formers and algae by disrupting transport of nutrients across the cell wall. It is effective against Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli, just to name a few. The low dosage of chlorine dioxide can achieve a satisfactory result .It does not take a large amount of product to get a 99.999% kill.

7. Tea Seed Powder   Click for details.

Tea Seed Powder Tea Seed Bag
  • A natural insect repellent for nematode, underground pests and apple snails
  • Safe for human beings
  • An organic nitrogen fertilizer to help plants grow better

8. Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar
  • Japan Origin
  • A plant extract liquid, not a chemical product or an insecticide
  • Foak strongly in the soil to control soil diseases and harmful organisms
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