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Natural Zeolite

Japan Origin

Natural Zeolite NO.A-1
Natural Zeolite
Natural Zeolite NO.Special
Natural Zeolite
Natural Zeolite SP2300
Natural Zeolite
Natural Zeolite NO.70
Natural Zeolite

Zeolite is a naturally occuring mineral, known for its adsorptive properties. Our product is a specific veriety called "Modenite" which has several unique properties described below:

  1. Posses an excellent Cation Exchange Capacity (C. E. C.) 160~185 meg/100g.
  2. There are two major specifications:
    1. Granule Type : usually suitable for spreading on a regular basis to maintain the water quality.
    2. Powder Type : dissolving much faster and always applying when it is on an emergency.
  3. High efficacy for absorbing NH3, H2O, CO2.
  4. High efficacy of absorption, wet-absorbent and catalysis. All these properties cause Zeolite to be useful in many fields, such as aquaculture, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental management and chemical industry.
Specification Net Weight Grain Size MESH
NO.60 (powder) 20Kg -0.4mm -60
NO.70 (powder) 20Kg -0.2mm -70
NO.150 (powder) 20Kg -0.1mm -150
NO.SP2300 (powder) 20Kg 1.25μ (micron)  
NO.Special 20Kg -3.3mm -6
NO.A-1 20Kg -0.8mm -20
NO.1 (granule) 20Kg -0.8mm -20
NO.2(granule) 20Kg 1.9-0.8mm 10-20
NO.3 (granule) 20Kg 3.3-1.9mm 6-10
NO.6 (granule) 20Kg 8.0-5.0mm 2.5-3.2
NO.8 (granule) 20Kg 15.1-6.3mm 1.5-3.2

*NOTE* Natural Zeolite Granule is packed by crushing raw minerals, so the granule is irregular.
NO.Special and NO.A-1 are mixed with powder and granule types.

Aquaculture :

Ammonium is one of the most significant toxic metabolite in aquaculture. Zeolite is used effectively in removal of toxic ammonium ions from recirculating fish and shrimp ponds.

  1. Purify the water quality of pond and absorb the stink rapidly.
  2. Adjust the pH rate and create a great water quality to provide plankton an excellent breeding environment.
  3. Improve mold of pond to make a best ventilation for soil.
  4. Absorb the organic materials of water and dangerour gas.
  5. Contain many kinds of mineral material, stimulate the growth of plankton, function as a natural food for fishes and shrimps.

Agriculture :

Zeolite functions as an absorbent in the way that parts of the fertilizer are not easily leached out or evaporated, but remain longer in the soil. This will prolong the possibility of absorbing by the plant. In addition, it means an increase in the potential plant production (Crop).

  1. Able to neutralize soil pH and deodorize after fertilization.
  2. Hold water penetrated, store and release accounting to the plants need.
  3. Absorb the harmful gas in the soil, and prevent the root from rotten.
  4. High water retentiveness and ventilation, keep soil in soft and reduce the situation of soil mass.

Animal Feed Additives :

Zeolite can be used as feed supplement for animal breeding (swine, ruminant and poultry) base on reducing the amount of food and raise its value quality. The animal will get more benefit from the same amount of food, while otherwise the nutrient will be released more readily through the excrement.

  1. Stimulate the linings of the stomach and intestine to produce more antibodies, inhibit disease.
  2. Converse feedstuff ingredients from nitrogen to animal protein for better assimilation of calcium and other nutrients resulting to better growth rate.
  3. Absorb ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfidric acid and extra water contained in the stomach/intestine, prevent the difficulty of digesting.
  4. Keep breeding environment in dry and hygiene.

Environmental Management :

Zeolite is used as a ion exchanger in the purification of ground water and swage effluent and removal of heavy metal and radioactive ions from industrial effluent.

  1. As drinking water filter, air purification, drier.
  2. Elliminate water harshness, smell and color.
  3. As deodorizer for toilet, kitchen, refrigerator and hospital.

Chemical Industry :

  1. As absorption for NH3, H2O, CO2 and other dangerous gas.
  2. As additive in the process of making paper, it can improve the effect of printing.
  3. As antiblock agent or decolorant in the petrochemical.
  4. As pigment additives.
  5. As absorbent function in petrochemical and catalysis chemical.

Chemical Composition :

SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O P2O5
68.70% 11.60% 2.20% 2.70% 0.50% 1.90% 1.30% 0.40%
  • Cation exchange Capacity (C.E.C.): 160~185 meg/100g
  • pH: 6.4

Specification :

Irregular granule type and powder type

Packing :

20 kgs/bag (PE plastic bag/craft paper laminated by pp woven with inner bag)

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