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Products for Indoor Hatching Pond

1. Mixed Feed for Shrimp (Higashimaru Mixed Feed)   Click for details.

Shrimp/Fish Mixed Feed (Higashimaru Brand)
  • Japan Origin
  • always called P. Monodon/P. Japonicus in Taiwan
  • Apply in the Zoea, Mysis, Post Larva stage
  • Contain a special composition, low fat, high nutrition which can enhance shrimp and fish body color
  • Good palatability
  • Good stability in the water, and will not consume the oxygen in the water
  • Shorten the culture period and thus reduce the cost

2. Artificial Plankton B.P.

Artificial Plankton B.P.
  • Good floating, can be scattered on the water evenly to make fishes and shrimps absorb evenly
  • Good palatability and taste, easy to be digested
  • Easy to dissovle in the water and avoid the nutrition to be flowed

3. Brine Shrimp Flakes

  • Contain high unit protein, amino acid and vitamins which are the essential materials for fihes and shrimps.
  • Contain shrimp meal, shrimp shell meal, brine shrimp, fish meal and fiber, etc.
  • Improve the water color and the growth environment.

4. Spirulina

  • Contain the best protein, amino acid, high unit phycocyanin, vitamins and materials to promote the growth of shrimps.
  • Good palatability and floating, no cause water pollution and easy to be digeted.
  • Provide shrimps balance nutrition, no need to supply other products.

5. Chlorella

  • Contain numerous protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral material, vitamins and so on.
  • With CGF inside, make the animal balance their nutrition, be healthy and increase the immunization.
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