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Nutritional Additives

1.AQUAGUARD ®   Click for details.

  • U.S.A. Origin
  • Help grow well and enhance immune system; a natural product without side effect to fish/shrimp/eel/clam; no resistance, no residuals.
  • Absorb toxin efficiently and reduce Mycotoxin which always existed in the raw materials of feeds.
  • Control White Spot Disease and Yellow Head Disease; stop infectious diseases that are caused by Vibrio bacteria.
  • Enhance immune system and increase the survival rate of fish/shrimp/eel/clam.


  • Made of nonpathogens bacteria and enzymes, so diseases are effectively minimized.
  • Improve the water quality by absorbing NH3, H2S and NO2, those are harmful to fishes and shrimps.

3.Fish Soluble Liquid

  • consists of several essential amino acids,such as lysine and methionine.
  • contains rich vitamins and minerals.
  • helps to digest and improves growth.
  • manages water quality in aquaculture and be a amino acid fertilizer in agriculture as well.
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