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Live Fish Fingerling
Popular fish species under culture in Taiwan
Common NameScientific Name
Malabar GrouperEpinephelus malabarius
Orange-spotted GrouperEpinephelus coioides
Goldlined SeabreamRhabdosargus sarba
Red SeabreamPagrus major
MilkfishChanos chanos
Golden MilkfishChanos chanos
CobiaRachycentron canadum
Asian PerchLates calcarifer
Japanese Seaperch / Japanese SeabassLateolabrax japonicus
Ayu FishPlecoglossus altivelis
Rainbow TroutOncorhynchus mykiss
Tilapia / NileOreochromis
Red Tilapia / Red MouthbreederOreochromis spp
Fourfinger ThreadfinEleutheronema Tetradactylum

Live Shrimp Fry
Popular prawn species under culture in Taiwan
Common NameScientific Name
Giant River ShrimpMacrobrachium rosenbergii
Giant Tiger Prawn / Black Tiger ShrimpPenaeus monodon
Kuruma Prawn / Striped PrawnMarsupenaeus japonicus
Vannamei ShrimpLitopenaeus vannamei

Note: Most of the fish/shrimp breeds listed are being artificially propagated.

If you are contacting us for a quotation of live fish/shrimp fingerlings, please provide with your basic information:

  • Species of interest, and the approximate size in lenghth
  • Total quantity (minimum order quantity may be imposed due to transportation and other overhead costs)
  • Needed by date
  • Destination country
  • Destination airport and city
  • Local trucking time from the destination airport to your aqua farm
  • The expected local weather temperature

Time is the key factor in transporting live fish or shrimp. The shorter the transport delay of fingerlings from the hatcheries to your destination, the better survival and growth rates are. A good estimation of the total hours needed for the entire journey is thus required. With the information, we then be able to decide issues such as the amount of sufficient oxygen, population per box, environmental maintenance, etc.

Picture reference (originated from Taiwan government):

  • Cobia
  • Malabar Grouper
  • Milkfish
  • Tilapia
  • Red Tilapia
  • Vannamei Shrimp
  • Fourfinger Threadfin
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