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Phosphorous Acid (Non-pesticide Compound) -
Usually Use With Potassium Hydroxide

Use It Earlier to Protect Crops In Advance and Reduce Disease
Recommended By Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute

Phosphorous Acid
Phosphorous Acid
Potassium Hydroxide
Potassium Hydroxide

  • While crops absorb and transfer Phosphorous Acid, it will have the effect of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and Phosphorous Acid will become useful phosphoric acid; the crops which are collected will not have pesticides remains or pollute the environment.

  • It is fine to use with phosphorus fertilizer and it could help crops grow well.

  • Phosphorous Acid could naturally lead crops produce phytoalexins and reduce the usage of pesticides to lower the production management cost.

Recommendation Usage:
  • Foliage spray:
    Use the solution of 500-1000 times. It depends on the plants, for example, the young leaves which contains waxiness on the surface is suitable to use 1000 times solution.

  • Soil irrigation:
    Irrigate the solution of 100-200 times around the rhizosphere soil and it is better not to water within 7 days after the irrigation; irrigating once every month and apply it twice before the rainy season. After the first irrigation, apply it once every three month to maintain the effect.

  • The solution of 500 times:
    • Add 200 gram of Phosphorous Acid into 100 Liter of water and it is Phosphorous Acid Solution.
    • Take 200 gram of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) into the above solution and it becomes the solution of 500 times to use.

  • The solution of 1000 times:
    • Add 100 gram of Phosphorous Acid into 100 Liter of water and it is Phosphorous Acid Solution.
    • Take 100 gram of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) into the above solution and it becomes the solution of 1000 times to use.

Applying Time:
    The best time to apply Phosphorous Acid is 7-14 days before the disease because Phosphorous Acid helps crops produce phytoalexins to resist diseases and it is similar to the antibodies of human beings.

    Suitable for vegetables and fruit, including grapes, wax fruit, Buddha fruit, papayas, Piper longum L., oranges, orchids, lilies, avocadoes, tomatoes, litchis, hot peppers, sweet peppers, potatoes, Anoectochilus Formosanus Hayata, lettuces and Brassicaceae.

  • Phosphorous Acid is strong acid and potassium hydroxide is strong alkaline, please do not add two products into the water at the same time or dilute after mixing together. It is better to dissolve Phosphorous Acid first and then dissolve potassium hydroxide. The formula is 1:1 and the suitable pH value for application is 5.5 to 6.5. Please refer to the above usage for better effect.

  • After dissolving in water, Phosphorous Acid becomes phosphoric acid easily and it will reduce the effect, so please use it up on that day.

  • Phosphorous Acid easily becomes damp, thus please tie the bag tightly and keep it in a cool and dry place.

  • Please prevent Phosphorous Acid from direct sunlight, or it will lead to be spoiled.

  • Please wear glasses, masks and rubber gloves and not to let your skin expose to these two products directly. Wash your skin with a great quantity of water while exposure to these products.

  • [Phosphorous Acid] : 25kg/bag.
  • [Potassium Hydroxide] : 25kg/bag.

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